Offsetting our Carbon foot print

Yachting is a wonderful way of enjoying the beauty and bounty of planet earth. But our wanderlust does consume fuel that contributes to global warming. We often wonder what we can do to about it! This is our commitment to the enveirmoment

Our commitment

engine control panel

M/V Bonaparte carbon foot print

Although M/V Bonaparte is a fairly economical yacht mainly because the boat travel at hull speed which does not require a lot of thrust energy. However the carbon footprint of any engine is directly related to the fuel burn rate of the engine and generator. Our  carbon foot print for day charter is estimated at .1 metric tons of CO2 and 2 metric tone of Co2 for a week charter

Off setting M/V Bonaparte carbon footprint

For every charter we contribute to the carbon offsetting funds of for reforestation. Contribution start for our 2020 season

Transformative power for 2022

Bonaparte is a classic yacht with original Detroit Diesel engine 8v71 which are well know for their reliability. Indeed the engine are more that 50 years old! they could run for another 100 years probably. 

However our future plan  for yacht charter include a engine replacement with highly efficient green energy hybrid system. This will reduce our carbon foot print and allow the Boat to run on electric battery for 8 hours at time and be recharge at the dock or overnight by ultra efficient generator