Bonaparte does offer a limited number of weekly charter during the year. Reserve early to avoid being disappointed! You can consult our availability on the calendar below. 

CONtact Captain Francois

2018/2019 Booking

June 23rd -Booked

July 12 th - booked

July 17th -booked

July 21 th - booked

November 30th -booked

December 27, 2019 to january 4th, 2020 - booked

Charter Rates

APA (yacht expenses) is additional to the charter rate

Charter rate and APA


Yacht charter rate

The yacht charter Rate  relates to the cost for the yacht for your charter period. It include the yacht and the service of the 3 crew for the duration of your charter. 


The APA (advance account provisioning) is a budget to cover all the yacht expenses during your charter and varies with your food, itinerary  and activities preferences. All yacht expenses are charge at cost. At the end of the charter the captain will present a detailed accounting of all expenses and  included the following: 


Food and drink

Our chef Annette will prepare an elaborate menu for you and will be provisioning the yacht according to your preferences including your choices of favorites drinks

Marina and anchorage fee

You may want to stay a few nights at a marina along the way. Marinas average between 3 to 4$/foot/ day, plus electricity and water. ($300 to $400 per night)


Bonaparte is economical at 16 gallon per hour for both engine. Typical cruise is 20 to 25  engine hours. Generator is 1.4 gph (include Air Conditioning, water making) Fuel expenses also include jet skis and tender.

Price per gallon of fuel is 4,53$ (may 2019)

Incidental charge

On board Internet connection, taxi, fishing lure, diner ashore, special events, fresh fish from local fisherman, fishing guide, charter a plane, etc.